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The organic economy is the subset of our global economy in which the wealth of sovereign humans grows and circulates in harmony with the biosphere.

Credex Principle

If I owe you,
and you owe them,
and they owe me,
we’re square.

Credcoin Principle

Every human is entitled to one equal share of the value
of the natural wealth entering the organic economy.

Every human is responsible to provide value equal
to the amount of natural wealth that they consume.

These two founding principles connect sovereign humans directly to each other for their freely chosen mutual benefit, and anchor the organic economy firmly to the natural world.


This is a strategic handbook, intended to share the campaign that has been my life's work. It answers the question, “What are you doing, and why are you doing it?”

I am a strategist, communicator, entrepreneur, writer, mystic, investor, sovereigntist, and operative mage. My core loyalty is to freedom from coercion, and I centre my work on this moral foundation. I believe that human beings, each of us, are sovereign. I believe that the reference point of sovereignty is moving from outside of you to within you. I experience this in myself, and I see it happening in the world all around me. This book is an invitation to engage with that natural process.

The credex principle crystalized in my mind when I was 22, and since that moment twenty years ago, I have dedicated myself to bringing it to life. I didn’t choose that path on day one, but for twenty years, as I curiously explored the territory that lay beyond this discovery… it just kept working. First in theory, then in practice. It kept becoming more potent, and extending into the foundation of a social contract that is bound to human sovereignty and freedom from coercion.

This is also a theory book, and an instruction manual for a new set of tools. It's not long or complicated, but it will ask you to orient yourself around an unfamiliar set of concepts. Once you make these concepts your own, you will begin to see another layer to the economic, political, and cultural realities around you. That's been my experience, and my hope is that it shines through these pages so that you can make it yours as well.

My loyalty is no longer just to the principle of human sovereignty. My loyalty also now lies with a social contract that expresses this principle. This social contract is the credcoin principle, which can be distilled into an equation, and activated in a way that changes everything.

Or maybe not. I have never before been able to share the full dimensions of this work. I had to build, experience, and explore it myself before I could fully understand and express what it is. And this is the moment when we discover if the spell that I have cast is magic or monster, because although I have worked on this my entire life, I cannot discover the answer to that all-important question alone. It can only be answered together. I need to know what you see when you look into the heart of these ideas through the pages of this book. Do you see the magic that I see? Could this actually work?

My deepest loyalty still lies with the principle of human sovereignty. If the credcoin principle, and the software built around it, does not stand up to the test of full public scrutiny, or does not lead to the realities of sovereignty and freedom from coercion for actual real humans, then it must be improved or discarded. May it be so.

On March 21, 2023, two hours and thirty six minutes after the spring equinox, the credex ecosystem was launched when I became the first person to participate in the first daily credcoin offering. I have participated every day since, and I intend to for the rest of my life. And now that I am able to share the ideas expressed here, I am able to invite you to join me. This book is an invitation.

Since that launch, I have had a living image growing in my mind. I’m six foot seven, and over two hundred pounds, but in this image I am a pixie, high in the sky, with vast and fiery wings. Far, far below me is the eye of a needle. Around me are all the things of my life. All my thoughts and patterns, ideas and ego, and the real things and relationships of my day to day life.

We start to dive. Some of the things around me start to drift away. Pieces of my life and pieces of myself. I look below me. That’s not a very big needle. I’m never going to make it with all this baggage. As pieces fall away I’m losing the sense of who I am. Or finding who I am, it’s not exactly clear yet. What is absolutely clear is that the only way for me is through the eye of that needle. It’s not something I have a choice about.

I’m diving now, and as I dive, I’m pulling my wings in around me, and around the things that matter most. Everything else can go. What matters most is my loyalty to human sovereignty, and the safety and security of my two daughters.

I write these words as this book goes to print on June 16, 2023, and this is the day when I truly have invested everything that I have to bring this vision to life and share it with you here. This is the moment when there truly is nothing more that I can do alone.

But once you have digested the ideas in these pages, perhaps you will join me in participating in the daily credcoin offering at, and together we will bring the credex ecosystem to life.



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